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tax returns

Studio Tison & Martire assists in preparing and submitting the various Tax Returns. In particular, in the case of income and / or real estate abroad, we can help you to fulfill the international monitoring obligation (quadro RW), and the income linked to it.

tax litigation

Studio Tison & Martire is aware of how tax litigation is often a expensive psychological burden for many taxpayers. For this reason, it has always paid particular attention to institutions that are deflationary in litigation (such as self-protection, acquiescence, accession), and to dialogue with the Tax Authority, in order to resolve disputes as far as possible before the tax process begins.


Studio Tison & Martire has accumulated experience in the problems of inbound and outbound expat. If you or one of your employees are about to leave Italy to work abroad, Studio Tison & Martire will be able to assist you in fulfilling the necessary steps to avoid unpleasant surprises and disputes with the tax authorities. If you or one of your employees are going to move to Italy, the Studio Tison & Martire will accompany you in the "transition" phase, and will evaluate with you the possibility of access to a series of tax breaks for repatriated and impatriated workers.